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Do It Yourself SLR solar filter:

In preparation for Sundays solar eclipse I have made a DIY solar filter for my DSLR and thought I would share.

The Transit of Venus
CAUTION If your going to take pictures of the sun with a DIY solar filter I highly recommend NOT looking through the view finder, use live view with the screen. Just because a filter is blocking the visible spectrum does not mean that it isn’t letting through harmful amounts of UV, IR or other light that can permanently damage your vision.

All you need is a 5.25 floppy disk and scissors.

open up the floppy and cut a filter out of the media to fit your lens. a 5.25 inch floppy has just enough to make a filter for a 52mm lens.

 Here are a couple shots I got of the Transit of Venus:
I used a 300mm lens, two polarized filters and an old floppy disc.

via: hardforum

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